Adventures in Moseen

Session 1

Arrival in Moseen

Sunday March 6, 2011
Players Present: Curt, Dave, Allen, Brad

Here are some brief notes on the session.

At the first sign of Spring, the party left their homeland of Iraldon with the intention of gaining great fortunes in the Stonehell Dungeon to the north. After a two-week journey, the party arrived in Moseen, a small, and relatively young human settlement. Entering the village, they questioned the guardsmen at the gate about places to stay and possible employment opportunities around town. After securing housing at the tavern, they set out in search of the baker, who was rumored to be poisoning the locals with his baked goods. Sometimes rumors turn out to be false, though, and the party ended up enjoying some snack bread and kringle in the end.

The local bowyer/fletcher was known to be an adventurer earlier in his life. He say down with the party, gave them a little background on Stonehell, and informed them of some curious behavior he had witnessed in town. It seems that one of the respected members of the community was seen behaving strangely at the weekly festival at the old tree in the center of town. The bowyer suspects he might up to no good, but doesn’t have any proof.

The party also learned a little about the old temple of Rodryn in town. Some horrible event happened in the past and it has been sealed since. The clergy of the church of Cyrilath are looking for some folks to enter the old temple and clear it out. Only one member of the clergy from Rodryn’s temple is still living, and he is quite insane, living as a hermit in a cave in the hill across the river.

The leader of the town guard has requested some assistance with a goblin encampment to the north. He offered the adventurers gold for each goblin head, and whatever they could loot, for eradicating the troop. Since there adventurers were looking to swing some swords and make a few bucks in the process, they set our for the encampment early the next morning. Following instructions from the leader of the guard, they tracked down the goblins and attacked. Amongst the supplies, the party found a significant cache of gold, a magic sword and shield and a rope of climbing. All party members survived and returned to town to collect their earnings.



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