Adventures in Moseen

Session 2

Temple of Rodryn

Sunday March 6, 2011
Players Present: Ben, Gina, Dave, Allen, Brad

Here are some brief notes on the session.

Determined to rid the abandoned Temple of Rodryn of the evil held within, the party went in search of Brother Ermark, the only only survivor of the catastrophe. Plying him with nut kringle and fresh bread, they caught the hermit on a rather lucid day. He was able to provide some additional information about the temple, including warning them of the crypt guardian.

Armed with this information the adventurers picked up some extra supplies and entered the temple. They stumbled across a couple skeletons on the ground level and quickly finished them off. From there, they entered the lower level. After a nearly deadly battle with the ghouls, the party chose to regroup and collect some additional fire power from the Church of Cyrilath, in the form of holy water and healing spells. Eventually, all of the undead fell to the power of the party, aided by the Sword of Rodryn, which was discovered by Ulna, the dwarf. In addition to the magical sword, they found four candles with magical properties. They returned to the Church of Cyrilath and collected their reward.

Based on the information gathered from their trip to the crypts and Brother Ermark, it is believed that the incident in the temple was caused by the Tome of Grimic, a cursed magical item which transforms the living to undead when it is destroyed. How the tome came into to hands of the temple over 30 years ago is still unknown.



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